Custom Sizes

Looking for a way to add color and positivity to your home?
The largest I can print in any fabric other than "woven polyester" is (Max dimensions are 393.7 x 57.09 inch or 57.09 x 393.7 inch.
The 68 inch x 80 and 88 inch x 104 are made of light weight woven poly and they are light weight and easy to hang.
You can meditate on any kind of art that you like and improves the space you are meditating in.
Microfiber or Poly fabric is the least expensive and a very popular fabric option.
Please double check the address you have with Etsy.
Fabric can be cut, printed, and sewn in almost any size.
Please send a message if you need anything customized. I can change colors on almost everything. I can also design something to fit your décor.

Design Bohemian is a mix of bohemian, Moroccan, Indian, hippie, vintage or beatnik influence. It instills these components to produce a vibrant as well as colorful, free-spirited appearance. Bohemian is very easy, fun and also fashionable and also it is so diverse, as well as is special to each person that defines their design as Gypsy.